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Month: May 2014

Name the Park! ?>

Name the Park!

Peacehaven was established by entrepreneur Charles Neville, who purchased the land to develop the town. In January 1916 he launched a competition in the national press, inviting the public to name his new town. The first prize was a plot of land worth £100 and a further 50 plots worth £50. The winning name was New Anzac-on-Sea. The competition was exceptionally popular with 80,000 entrants. Nearly 100 years later and  work is about to commence on the big parks’ site.  ‘Big Parks Project’ is simply a working title,…

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Architect’s impression of the Hub ?>

Architect’s impression of the Hub

  We think you’ll agree that the renovation of the community centre and football club entrance will make the area a great leisure ‘Hub’ for all the family. Here is the architect’s impression of how the Hub will look. The wooden panels will be designed with reference to drawings submitted by local children.