Our new playgrounds are on their way!

Our new playgrounds are on their way!

We are pleased to announce that Playsafe Playgrounds Ltd have been awarded the contract to build our two new playgrounds and are due to commence work on November 24th.  This is later than expected due to a delay in the handover of land from Southern Water to Peacehaven Town Council. We understand that the wait has been frustrating, especially for the little ones, but the park will be open in time for the spring and will definitely be worth the wait!


The cafe is also taking shape and now has a roof and underfloor heating.




photo 3

The next step for the café is the fitting of the renewable technologies which includes  a pellet burning stove for the winter months. We think the café will be a great asset for the local community and visitors alike, you just cannot beat a hot drink on a cold morning wether you are a dog walker, parent or cyclist. More news on the lease holders plans for the Gateway café coming soon…..

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