Help Build & Repair the Community Orchard

Help Build & Repair the Community Orchard

Peacehaven Community Orchard Planting

Sunday November 27th @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Come plant Sussex apple trees with Brighton Permaculture Trust! They will be planting up to 10 trees on Sunday and caring for the ones  planted last year that got battered in the storm.

They will be  working with Peacehaven Community Orchard to plant an orchard which will extend to 100 apple trees once planted. They planted 2,165 shelter trees and shrubs of 33 species the winter before last. This winter they will plant 21 Sussex apple trees of 18 varieties, so why not come along and get involved. Planting fruit trees is hard work but fun, and will benefit the local community for generations to come.

Before this volunteer session (in the morning) they will be running their annual fruit tree planting workshop for people to learn about selecting and planting fruit trees.

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