Orienteering comes to the Big Park


Orienteering is an increasingly popular outdoor activity and competitive sport.  It involves using a map to find your way on foot around a series of permanent marker posts in the park.


People can walk around the course in their own time, enjoying the challenge of map reading whilst taking some healthy exercise. Orienteering is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. At a competitive event the time you take to complete the course will be recorded, runners of a competitive nature will try to get around in the shortest time.


Orienteering Instructions


Download and print a copy of the map, or alternatively collect a copy from the Gateway Café in the park. We have created a Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced course, so please choose the one to suit your ability. The maps are specially surveyed orienteering maps which is very detailed to a scale of 1:4,000 so that 1cm represents 40 metres on the ground. All the courses start at the Café.

You can view or download the maps below.

Big Park Orienteering Advanced Course

Big Park Orienteering Beginners Course

Big Park Orienteering Intermediate Course

Study the map carefully to understand the legend, it shows many features which you can use as landmarks to check your progress and position on the map when you are doing the course. Try to keep the map correctly set (orientated) with the north arrows set to actual north. If you are heading south, for example you will be holding the map ‘’upside down‘’ with the north arrows pointing towards you, in this way features on the ground will appear as they are indicated on the map.


On the map are marked red circles, each with a reference number, these circles show the position of the marker posts. Each post is at the position indicated by the centre of the circle, and to aid discovery of the post a feature is mentioned in the control description boxes. Visit the posts in numeric order.


Each post has reference letters and numbers on it. Once you have found the post you will need to write down the letters and numbers in the boxes at the bottom of the map to prove that you have been to the correct post. Once you have finished ask inside the Café for the Answer sheet to check you have done the course correctly.


Please have respect for plants, animals and other park users when doing the orienteering courses.


If you enjoy them and would like to find out more about other permanent courses or more about the sport of Orienteering, have a look at the website of the local orienteering club at www.southdowns-orienteers.org.uk