Swallows and Kids Flock to play at The Big Park

Swallows and Kids Flock to play at The Big Park


‘This is Awesome, I’m coming here again!”

“Really Cool, it’s fun” 


We visited the Big Park to see how the adventure playground is going down with our biggest critics – the kids. Have we matched their incredible imaginations?

The sun was shining and the air was fresh, as swallows and skylarks swooped above the acorn tower and out across to the downs. Built from fully sustainable Robinia timber with rustic chestnut post and rail fencing, it harmonises beautifully with the countryside surrounding it.

The playground was full of boys and girls climbing, playing with sand and generally having a great time. The adventure playground is certainly a hit with families – here’s what the kids thought of it.

We met up with cousins George (8) and Louis (7) who were busy defeating ogres, vampires and zombies with invisible fire swords. They took some time out to tell us why they love this new playground so much.

George and Louie were far too busy to stop and chat for long.The overall impression was that it is just as much fun as the x-box and they would definitely be back to their acorn ‘base’ soon to resume where they had left off.

Thumbs up to Playsafe Playgrounds from George and Louie – their message to you “It’s EPIC !!!!!!!”




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