We Won!

We Won!

We are excited to announce that The Big Parks Project’s engineering services consultancy Crofton, have won the Constructing Excellence 2015 award for sustainability. Speaking about the project judges said

” This entry overwhelmingly met all category criteria with excellent community buy – in and a low energy building, rebuilt from poor energy stock. A holistic, long-term sustainability approach”.

11. Peacehaven gateway

The judges were particularly impressed that despite having a relatively small budget, sustainable technologies were kept as a priority during the engineering process: the biomass boiler fuelled with locally sourced pellets, PV panels, a solar panel and LED lighting. These features all contributed to the building receiving an EPC rating grade A (normally a retrofit building of this type would only be expected to earn a grade B). They were also impressed with the sustainable, permeable gravel that allows rainwater to drain through to the ground below, rather than being drained off site by energy-hungry processes. Not only is this sustainable, it also limits possible damage to important archeology found on the site.

The judges also praised Lewes District Council and the community of Peacehaven for their management of and dedication to the project.

It “Demonstrates value of long-term thinking built on good leadership from the Council, strong stakeholder engagement and a practical common sense approach to environmental aspects”

We would like to congratulate Crofton for winning this award, and the people of Peacehaven, without which the project would never have happened.

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